Famous native doctor, Akwa Tiwara Aki, freed 5 days after abduction.

Popular native doctor, Akwa Tiwara Aki, has been freed after spending five days in captivity.

Nigeria Popular native doctor, Akwa Tiwara Aki

Speaking about his harrowing abduction experience, he recounted that a group of gunmen stormed his hotel shortly after receiving a call from a friend.

The assailants started firing indiscriminately, resulting in the tragic loss of his security aides.

Thankfully, his charms shielded him from harm as they attempted to shoot him.

Akwa Tiwara Aki made a brave decision to go with the kidnappers, hoping to prevent further loss of life.

He vehemently denied the claims that his abduction was due to owing someone or engaging in malicious acts towards others.

The native doctor maintains that there were no sinister reasons behind his kidnapping.

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