I slept with snakes for my husband business to flourish

A 45-year-old woman, Juliet Murwira, left her marital home, claiming that she could no longer endure sleeping with a snake that her husband, Kennedy Mungoshi (72), allegedly used for ritual purposes in Zimbabwe. According to Juliet, she suffered for years due to her husband's actions.

Juliet Murwira has been sleeping with snake for money

However, Mungoshi refuted her sensational accusations and suggested that Juliet was attempting to hide her extramarital relationship with a man based in England.

Meanwhile " Gisele Bundchen's associate refutes claims that she's unhappy

He asserted that if her claims were genuine, she would have raised them much earlier, considering their more than two decades of being together.

Juliet insisted that Mungoshi had forced her to participate in his business rituals, involving sleeping with a snake and other women, to bring prosperity.

She disclosed that Mungoshi owned Ngoshi Transport and had multiple wives, with over 50 children, some older than her.

After leaving her husband two years ago, Juliet expressed confusion over why Mungoshi kept pursuing her and accusing her of being involved with another man.

Mungoshi vehemently denied using any juju or magic in his business and questioned why Juliet remained silent about her alleged ordeal for so many years.

He claimed that she was merely trying to evade the truth of her relationship with Richmore Matambanadzo from the United Kingdom.

Upon returning home from a relative's funeral, Mungoshi was surprised to find Juliet missing, and he learned about her elopement through neighborhood rumors.

He clarified that he wasn't trying to reconcile with her but felt compelled to share the truth of what transpired between them.

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