Adams Oshiomhole "Respect your boss", there is no IDP in APC

Edo senator, Adams Oshiomhole has reacted to the purported defection moves by Philip Shaibu, current Deputy Governor of the state, to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Adams Oshiomhole tells Philip Shaibu to respect his boss governor obaseki
Adams Oshiomhole
Shaibu and his boss, Governor Godwin Obaseki have had a fallout which have made headlines.

The Deputy Governor has filed a lawsuit to stop any impeachment proceedings against him, while also claiming that he has been stopped from carrying out his executive duties by the Governor. 

Obaseki on the other has denied having plans to impeach his deputy, while also claiming that the court action taken by Shaibu, a PDP member, was a preemptive move ahead of his defection to the APC.

Reacting to this, Oshiomhole outlined the need for people to respect their bosses. He stated that the APC is not a rehabilitation home or an IDP camp. 

The former Governor of Edo state also wondered if the court can adjudicate on the purported impeachment of Shaibu. He said; 

“All I can say is that regardless of the party divides, it is my wish for Edo to be governed in peace and harmony because of the super party to which we all belong, the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The political parties, even the rates of decamping and recamping shows that the only thing that is constant is Nigeria and not the political parties.

“To that extent, as someone who has had the rare privilege to be the chief steward at the Osadebe Avenue, it is my wish that this government and even future governments regardless of the political parties, govern in peace.

“But what I read, if that is what you are referring to about somebody going to court to complain about suspicion of being impeached.

“I don’t know how court adjudicate over suspicion, maybe I am a very poor legal student. I don’t know about that but let me say this, to say that somebody wants to run to APC, APC is not a rehabilitation centre.

“I can tell you that for free. We, APC, are satisfied the way we are, we are happy in opposition and we are not about to receive people who are coming because they have lost out. No IDP camp in APC.”

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