Montgomery riverboat brawl: 3 white males charged with assault

Montgomery PD says the riverfront brawl has resulted in criminal charges with three white males getting rung up.

48-year-old Richard Roberts (2 warrants for 3rd-degree assault) over Montgomery riverboat brawl
48-year-old Richard Roberts jailed

However, there's still more potential charges to come and cops consulted with the FBI to determine if the incident was a hate crime.

Chief of Police Darryl Albert says 13 people were detained Saturday, and brought in for questioning after the fight but they were all released. After further investigation, warrants were issued for three men.

48-year-old Richard Roberts (2 warrants for 3rd-degree assault); one warrant for 23--year-old Allen Todd (charged with 3rd-degree assault); and one warrant for 25-year-old Zachary Shipman (charged with 3rd-degree assault).

Albert says one of them is already in custody, and two are set to turn themselves in later today for booking and processing.

Now, as far as the Black man who was hitting people with a chair -- Chief Albert ID'd him as Reggie Gray, but notes he has not been charged yet. Although, MPD wants him to come in for further questioning.

One last thing ... Albert says Montgomery PD was consulting with the FBI to determine if hate crime charges are applicable or not.

The investigation is ongoing and it sounds like this is far from over.

The whole thing ended up playing out along racial lines; Black versus white, it seemed -- and there was a lot of commentary about it in the aftermath, with many championing what they perceived as an act of solidarity among the Black folks.

Time will tell who gets dragged into court over this, and how much trouble they're in.

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