After breakup with pop star Shakira, Lewis Hamilton makes a drastic U-turn

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were arguably the hottest talk of the town after their shenanigans post the Miami GP.

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were arguably the hottest talk of the town after their shenanigans post the Miami GP.
F1 start, Lewis Hamilton and Pop star Shakira

However, the flame of the relationship has died down as Shakira’s hips that don’t lie haven’t been seen in the paddock in recent times despite making appearances at the Spanish GP.

With the breakup on the cards, Lewis Hamilton made a 180-degree turn on his ultimate wish. But what is it?

Lewis Hamilton is already 38 and isn’t getting any younger. It is difficult to have a personal life let alone have kids as being an F1 driver requires loads of time and attention leaving minimal time for one’s self and family.

Hamilton did however advise on wanting to have a wifey or a partner who’ll be great with the kids. But that is a thing of the past as the Briton has taken a U-turn on his word recently.

Lewis Hamilton in a recent interview with was reminded how he will turn 39 in January next year as he was questioned on if he’s thought about having children.

Taking a U-turn on having someone caring for his future children comment, Lewis Hamilton said, “Not at the moment. No. I don’t have time for that – I enjoy being an uncle!”

So was Shakira the one Lewis Hamilton wanted to have babies with? And now that she is gone, Lewis Hamilton doesn’t want babies anymore?

A Cuban astrologer predicted that Shakira would become a mother soon. But what was that all about?

Do you believe in Astrologers? Many of you would say no. Well, even we didn’t believe in it. However, once a prediction becomes the truth, you start to question yourself.

When Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were dating each other, the two looked smitten. Amid all this, Cuban astrologer Mhoni Vidente made a prediction that took everyone by surprise.

She predicted that Shakira was soon going to be blessed with a baby and that the father was going to be an athlete or someone that she’d been seeing for quite a while. At that point in time, all eyes went toward Lewis Hamilton.

While many would fail to believe such predictions, Mhoni Vidente did correctly predict Shakira and Gerard Pique’s split. But with Hamilton and Shakira breaking up, it seems the prediction was just a hoax.

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