Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah sues chef Dammy N20m in damages

Chef Dammy has been sued by her very own Pastor, Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah, few days after she called out the pastor on social media to be held responsible should anything happen to her.

Pastor sues chef Dammy
Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah and chef Dammy

Dammy had claimed that she has been threatened and bullied, leaving her living in constant fear for her life and general safety.

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In a court document dated October 23, the Pastor, in response to her claims, demanded that Chef Dammy retract her earlier comment about him across social media platforms and in two widely read national dailies.

Prophet Jeremiah also asked for N20m in damages over the alleged defamation against him.

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He gave Chef Dammy seven days to comply with the demands or risk having a date in court with him.

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