Satanic ritual: Rival gang steals body of Ecuadorian gangster for rituals

The body of the former leader of a notorious Ecuadorian gang has been stolen from a cemetery in Colombia to carry out 'satanic ritual' by a rivalry gang.

A priest was called upon to join the workers to carry out inspection of the site and noticed that the cement cover of the resting place of Junior Roldan had been destroyed
Junior Roldán

Junior Roldán was a senior member of the Los Choneros prison gang in Ecuador, before being shot dead in May 2023.

Police said the crypt where the remains of Júnior Roldán were laid to rest was broken into on Tuesday night, September 12th, 2023 at a gravesite in Envigado, a city in the department of Antioquia.

Workers entered the cemetery on Wednesday morning, September 13th,  2023 and raised alarm that one of the doors leading to the site was left opened.

A priest was called upon to join the workers to carry out inspection of the site and noticed that the cement cover of the resting place of Junior Roldan had been destroyed.

The Envigado police said Roldán’s body may have been taken by Los Choneros rivals or that it was exhumed for a satanic ritual.

Roldán was murdered in the Antioquia municipality of Fredonia on May 6th, 2023.

Authorities had to approve his entombment in the cemetery because no member of his family, friends or gang member came forward to claim his body.

Junior Roldán was one of the founding members of Los Choneros, one of the most dreaded gangs in the entire Ecuador that has links to Colombian and Mexican drug lords and controls trafficking routes in Mexico and the United States of America.

The gang strengthened its structure with its influence of the prison system in Ecuador before seeing that power slowly diminish as rival gang, the Lobos, linked with other criminal groups.

Roldán was inprisoned for a list of crimes he committed which includes two murders, and in 2022, he applied to be transferred to house arrest because he was suffering from arterial hypertension, diabetes, grade 3 hepatic steatosis, and liver cirrhosis.

A judge granted the release because the gang leader's 'life and health were at stake.

He was released from prison on December 15th, 2022, and was arrested few hours later after police found guns in a vehicle he was traveling on.

Roldán was released from jail on February 14th after a judge granted his application for habeas corpus and required him to wear an ankle monitor.

President Guillermo Lasso slammed the court for granting Roldan's freedom.

The Government of Ecuador declared war on drug trafficking, organized crime, and anti-patriotic mafias that steal our peace and tranquility,' Lasso said.
And now a corrupt prosecutor and a bad judge are trying to free one of the most dangerous criminals in the country: Júnior Alexander Roldán Paredes, alias Júnior.'

On March 23rd, an Ecuadorian judge declared him a fugitive when he removed the tracking device and went missing.

Roldán was nearly killed during a March 16th shootout that left five people dead and six wounded.

Colombian media outlets reported that Junior Roldán hired a bodyguard, who eventually betrayed and killed him.

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